Областен диспансер за онкологични заболявания - Пловдив


Graduated Higher education from HMI, Plovdiv, specialized Surgery.
Working experience: Intern-surgeon in Rudozem and Karlovo; Head of Department 'Health Protection' – Karlovo Municipality; 1983 –1988 – Surgeon in Neural Surgery, Libia, Tripoli City – with his family. Head Doctor, Medicine Manager and Manager of the hospitals in Rudozem and Karlovo. 2001 – 2003 – in RHIS, Pazardzhik – Chief Controller.
Since 04.08.2004 – after provided competition – Manager of Oncological dispensary – Plovdiv.
Specialized Social Medicine and Healthy Management.



District Dispensary for Oncological Diseases with Stationary – Plovdiv PLTD was established in 1952 by purpose to satisfy the oncological needs of the population from Plovdiv, Pazardzhik and Smolyan Districts. The served population is approximately 1 200 000 people.


active searching, diagnostics, treatment and periodical observation of patients with malign diseases and pre-cancer which are realized by the following activities: * curative-diagnostic activity for complex treatment of oncological patients; * consultative activity; * methodic activity; * scientific activity; * educational /post-graduate qualification/; * clinical examinations of medicaments; * executes tasks in working out and providing National Healthy Politics in Oncology; * realizes co-operation with EHETD “St. Georgi” JSC and other curative institutions about the problems of Oncology.

The activity of DDODS – Plovdiv PLTD is realized according to the rules for good medicine practice.


“DDODS - Plovdiv” PLTD has introduced and certified a system for management of processes quality based on ISO 9001:2000.