Bulgarian Association of health professionals in nursing is the professional organization of the nurses, midwives and associated health professionals.
It is a juridical entity with headquarter in Sofia.
The community of health care professionals is the most numerous in the health system - at about 50 000 people. It includes various professions - nurses, midwives, feldshers, laboratory assistants, i.e. all nine type of professions, gained in the medical colleges, and also the professions of health care managers from different levels, the health care tuitors in the Medical colleges and faculties, etc. All of them own different educational degrees - college, expert with higher professional education from the colleges, Bachelors, Masters, doctors. They realize different types of care - promotive, preventive, diagnostic, clinical, rehabilitation, care management, education, etc. They work in different structures and have attitude to health protection - educational, hospital, out-hospital, management, professional, hospice, etc.
The Bulgarian Association of health professionals in nursing realizes its activity locally by regional colleagues. The nurses, midwives and the associated health professionals who work their profession, are members of BAHPN.
The membership of nurses, midwives and associated health professionals, who do not work their profession, is voluntary. Nurses, midwives or associated health professionals can practise their profession in Republic of Bulgaria, if they comply with the law of the professional organization and are included in the register of the regional colleague of BAHPN, in the area, where they practice the profession.
The professional activites which the nurses, midwives and the associated health professionals can realize by appointment or on their own, are defined as Order, issued by the Health Minister, after coordination with BAHPN.


• To choose and to be chosen in the organs of BAHPN;
• To use the protection of the Association in case of argument, connected with their job;
• To get material help in case of resignance from work, lost working ability and also their families in case of their death, according to the Statute;
• To be informed about the activity of BAHPN;
• To look for assistance by BAHPN for their professional improvement;
• To have access to the circumstances, written in the Register.


• To work their job according to the Code of Professional Ethics and within their competence;
• To apply the rules for good practice;
• To comply with the Statute;
• To inform the Management Council of the regional colleague /where they are members/ about the changes connected with the job.